The Powerlap Max is the ultimate all-in-one solution for existing pool owners; offering pristine water quality whist maximising SmartPools™ RiverTherapy™ experience with a wave of relaxation and healing .Why go EZ when you can take it to the MAX.

Features Description
Product SmartPools™ Powerlap Max
Naturally Clean A SmartPool™ is chemical free. A smart system reduces chemicals by 90% with only a negligible usage of chlorine, ensuring that your eyes aren't irritated and water is odor free.
Oxygenated The continuous flow ensures that the water in the pool absorbs atmospheric oxygen, keeping the water oxygenated almost all the time.
Green Design The smallest SmartPool™ requires only a one time fill of 9000 litres of water. In colder places, a built in Heat Saver reduces power costs by almost 80% which means you can heat the pool without every worrying about exhorbitant monthly costs.
Comfort Temperature Warm? Cold? You can adjust the water temperature to your convinience.
Auto Filter An auto-filteration system. Unlike other pools, this is a pool that takes care of itself to a great extent.
UVC Ionizer The SmartPool™ is equipped with the revolutionary UVC Ionizer whih ensures that the water in the pool is UV-Shielded, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-angal and anti-viral.
Water Accelerator You can vary the water flow instantly with an advanced speed control system.
Built to Last every SmartPool™ is made from Advance Marine Grade Composite Material, the same stuff they use to built robust world-class yachts with.
Smart Accesories Under Water Lighting, camera, hydrotherapy jets, water-filters, grab rails, ladders

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