The INDION NGMF are deep bed Multigrade filters that use specially graded sand, proved for industrial and commercial application. The NGMF sand filters can handle feed water up to 5 NTU turbidity and the treated water from this range of filters will have < 2 NTU.

The INDION NGMA Activated Carbon Filter are mainly used for dechlorination and also for removal of organic matter.

Features Description
Product ZERO B New Generation Multigrade Filter
Salient Features NG Series filters are aesthetic, light weight and easy to install. The pressure vessel is made up of Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP) and the pipes are of Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC). The filters have a single multiport plastic valve operated by a hand lever.
Advantages Light weight equipment
Easy to install
Does not require concrete foundation
Single lever multiport valve makes it easy to operate
ZERO maintenance as FRP vessel and PVC pipes are corrosion resistant
Application NGMF
Pre - treatment for drinking water in housing societies, hotels and shopping malls
Pre - treatment for Reverse Osmosis system
Swimming pool filtration in housing societies and hotels
Pre - treatment for cooling towers and boiler feed
Removes chlorine from drinking water
Removes organic matter from drinking water

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