Length:13.5ft, Width:6.5ft, Depth:40Inch

The Metal Frame Rectangle Pool 13.5 Feet x 6.5 Feet Quick-Set Metal Frame Pool includes a repair patch and more, and the pool is 40 inches deep. This pool sets up in only 20 minutes, and it holds up to 10 people.

Easy Setup 13.5 Feet x 6.5 Feet
Quick-Set Ring Pool:
Water capacity: 15000 gal
Sets up in only 20 minutes
Holds up to 10 people
Strong Sidewalls - Extra-strong sidewalls made from three layers of vinyl for extreme durability.

Features Description
Product Metal Frame Pool 24 Feet
Dimensions Approximate Set-up Size: 24 ft x 52 in (732cm x 132cm)
DEPTH 52 inch / 4.34 Ft
CAPACITY OF WATER (90%): 47,241 Ltr (12,481 Gal)
PACKAGE INCLUDES Filter Cart, Ground, Cloth, Ladder, Maint. Kit, Pool Cover, Pump, Repair, Patch Pool, Manual
NO. OF PEOPLE 18 people

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