Zero B Emerald is a 7 stage RO. An RO system which is designed and manufactured to deliver the purest form of water. The only technology that doesn't just remove bacteria and viruses but also eliminates pesticides, harmful chemicals, metals and dissolved salts.


7 stage RO ( Reverse Osmosis) water purifier
Consumes less space, wall mount, compact, elegant looks. Gives more Aesthetic look to your kitchen
Detachable tank, hence easy to use & clean
Unique 3 stage Pre filter
Sliding tank lock
Automatic tank level control
Beautiful & glowing transparent tank with LED to indicate water level.
Low pressure/Low fouling membrane: Membrane subjected to low pressure and therefore less fouling of the membrane with salt rejection up to 90 - 95% and recovery of good water is 20 - 25% or better
Tank full indicator
Over - voltage & over current protection
Auto Flush Timer (AFT) : Periodically flushes the membrane to remove the salt deposited on the membrane & therefore enhances the life of the membrane
Product water meets USEPA drinking water standards and IS 10500

Features Description
Product Emerald
Dimension (L x W x H) : 275 mm x 230 mm x 370 mm
Weight 12 Kg
Output Flow Rate Tank fills in 30 mins
Water Storage Capacity 6 litres
Features Gives Energized water, the Energized water helps to:
Reduces excess acidity and bile in digestive system.
Effective in Urinary and kidney disorders
Works as an external aid for washing swollen & sore eyes, wounds, etc for quick healing.
Beneficial for nervous disorders & treatment of blood pressure.
Helpful in treatment of blood pressure, especially in treatment of low blood pressure.

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